Main Roles of Public Relations Agency Toronto

Having a good communication with the public is one of the most important things for almost all companies regardless of their size. Companies that have developed good communication with the wider public also have a bigger reputation and people generally trust them more. However, developing good two-way communication with the public is not as easy as it may sound and it involves strategic planning and methodical approach. That is where public relations agency Toronto comes into play. Hiring public relations agencies is very important for any company that wants to have an effective communication with the target audience. Public relations agencies also play major role in building the brand of a company. They are using different channels for communication for targeting the preferred audience and for transferring the main message of the companies they represent. They also implement different techniques in order to offer best possible services to their clients. Besides communication with the public, these services can also help in search engine optimization and in boosting company`s online presence on different social media.

Main Roles of Public Relations Agency Toronto

The approach that a good public relations agency Toronto takes is pretty straightforward. They are working closely with the companies they represent and help them in developing best strategies that are aimed toward the major goal of the company. Having a public relations agency at your side could be crucial for your company`s success. These agencies can do great work in all areas including the media relations, internal communications within a company, labor relations, investor and analyst relations, and many more. There are also many PR agencies that work in specific fields like finances, banking, government, private or public companies, as well as in numerous industries.

Main activities of the public relations agencies include contacting the press and different media, speaking at conferences, maintaining communication with employees, crisis communication, and social media engagement. They can also advise their clients how to create articles, websites, blogs through which they will contact the public. They can cover only local matters or they can offer a wider spectrum of activities. Anyhow, it is undeniable that public relations agencies play major role in many fields today. They can also save companies valuable time and money, so the best thing you can do is hire an agency that will properly take care of all communications with the public. That way you can focus on other things regarding your business and watch your profits grow.


Benefits of Getting Regular Toronto Massage

Lots of people are getting massages these days and everyone has their own reason why are they doing so. Some like to get relaxed, others want to relieve stress from work. There are also people that go on massages in order to eliminate different pains or aches. No matter the reasons, truth is that receiving regular Toronto massage brings lots of benefits for the body.

Benefits of Getting Regular Toronto Massage

How Does the Massage Affect the Patient?

            Usually massages affect the patient in three different ways. They affect the recipient’s energy, fluids and body structure. If the massage is applied correctly it should provide a very pleasant experience that will make the patient feel good, relaxed, and energized. Each massage should be done with patient`s needs always in mind. Massages should not be just a simple routine, but person`s overall condition should always be taken into consideration. Skilled massage therapists use many different techniques that target different set of muscles.

What Do the Therapists Do?

            Toronto massage therapists that have basic qualification can offer general massages for relieving pains, but for specific pains or injuries you should ask for a remedial therapists with plenty of experience. In general, the highly skilled and trained massage therapists are able to correctly diagnose and treat specific type of problems. They go through lots of trainings first and get good knowledge before they start offering massage treatments.

Skilled therapists use wide range of different massage techniques for relaxing and stimulating the nervous system, stretch the body tissues, increase blood circulation and eliminating knots in the muscles. Not only that, but massage therapists can also give massage while you lay face up, face down, or sideways. Each position allows the skilled massage therapist to effectively target specific muscle in your body that needs to be taken care of.

Getting regular massage is great for correcting person`s posture. Skilled therapists can perform good analysis of your posture and will easily determine which muscles need to be massaged for correcting the posture. Treatments include full evaluation of what type of work we do or what kind of sport we practice. After learning that, the massage therapist will know exactly which muscles need relaxation so he or she can deliver better massage. That way the body will get back its normal posture. In addition to that, massage therapists can also suggest a few simple home exercises which can be done for strengthening weak muscles.

Shopping goes Wild: Best Places to Shop in Greenville SC

When shopping in Greenville SC, you will experience three things – convenience, accessibility, and alternatives. The city hosts a lot of shopping malls and centre’s.

And you can get in and out rapidly while seeing loads of things. There are also scores of local shopping alternatives, which include high-brow and low-brow stores. Along with them, the food options are good as well. So, let’s have a look at the best places to shop in Greenville SC.

  1. Woodruff Road: The Woodruff Road is stuffed with famous national brand organizations and it offers everything from discount megastores to mid-level shopping stores. Plus, the alternatives shopping choices involve Total Wine, Barnes, Costco, Target, and Noble, Shoe Carnival, REI, Whole Foods, and Old Navy.
  2. Augusta Road: This place is a symbol of old Greenville but it still has a modern twist. Typically, it is lined with trees with thoughtfulness and there are some sporadic homes as well. Additionally, this place is a blend of the artery that integrates I-85 to the downtown area. Here, you will see different boutiques with fine touches, antique shops, gift shops, and consignment shops. If you are tired of shopping, just go into a restaurant nearby this place as there are lots top-class restaurants as well.
  3. Historic West End: The Greenville’s lavish downtown is adjoined with the compact districts. Just on the opposite side of Falls Park, which is suitable for walking and strolling, is a great place for shopping. Here, you will find diverse dress boutiques with gift shop emporiums, art galleries, and guitar stores. Moreover, the entire area is filled with energy and vibe. There is a great number of restaurants as well between the Falls Park and Fluor Field (the baseball stadium).
  4. Haywood Mall: The Haywood Mall is maybe Greenville’s most well-known shopping destination. It offers more than 150 stores with renowned companies like Sears, Macy’s, JC Penney, Dillard’s, and Belk. Also, there are Gap, Pottery Barn, Abercrombie and Fitch, Williams-Sonoma, Hollister and Co. and banana republic. There is also a food court with branches of Panera Bread, and Marble Slab. They are helpful when you’re prepared for a big meal.
  5. Downtown Greenville: The downtown area is the major hub of Greenville and it has been reinvigorated with the Main Street where several chic restaurants along with modern bars and trendy shops are found. The Hyatt Regency anchored the area on both ends and the place is filled with lined and arching trees, beautiful street lanterns. In short, the whole place is a perfect one for shopping.
  6. Cherrydale Point: This shopping center is close to the downtown and Furman University. Here, you will see brands including TJ Maxx, Shoe Carnival, Old Navy, Ross Dress for Less, Bath and Body Works, and Cherrydale Cinemas. The adjacent restaurants are Frodo’s Pizza, Flat Rock Grille, Atlanta Bread Company, and Ruby Tuesday’s.

For Couples Only: Best Romantic Restaurants in Greenville SC

The city of Greenville SC is a charming city with beautiful streets. These streets will lead you to several restaurants, which vary in types. Now, if you want to date with your significant other or just looking for a romantic dining, you will surely find the best ones. The reason is that people think that Greenville is one of the best cities for food in the south. Also, the city features different romantic restaurants with sumptuous food and soft as well as ambient music. So, let’s read more about the best romantic restaurants in Greenville SC

  • Trattoria Giorgio: If you ever walk along the main street in the city, you will have noticed that just across the way from the Westin Poinsett, there is an enchanting gate. This gate has a charming leafy patio and sign of ‘G’ on the gate. This simply pays tribute to Greenville. However, it actually indicates the owner Trattoria Giorgio. This restaurant usually specializes in pastas with authentic Italian cuisine. The chefs here are Italians and they make pastas on-site. As a whole, it is really a great romantic restaurant in the city.


  • Blues Boulevard Jazz: The name of this restaurant is similar to Blues Boulevard. It’s a cool and live music venue, where local acts a few evenings for each week, playing jazz and blues prominently. Nonetheless, the real space is overwhelmingly blue and you can find a comfortable place to sit at the sparkly dim blue bar before the show to enjoy the foods and drinks. Here, the music starts around 8 p.m. with a $5 cover. Also, you will not find a bad seat at this cozy music venue.


  • Stella’s Southern Bistro: This restaurant is located off the Main Street grid in the adjacent Simpsonville. It is an affordable restaurant with every kind of amenities of a great romantic restaurant. Usually, the lunch and supper choices include ribeye pork and hanger steak to shrimp and grits and Carolina flounder. The foods here are a blend of land and sea options. You will get to observe that the menus are changing more often, but the atmosphere of the place is an easygoing one. Also, the dishes are made with local ingredients. So, everyone should visit Stella’s Southern Bistro to pass an awesome night!


  • Restaurant 17: This romantic restaurant is situated in the northern region of Greenville in the suburb of Travelers Rest. It offers incomparable views of the dazzling Blue Ridge Mountains. Here is soft and mellow music is played in and the changing light of a hand-blown glass chandelier piece displays a perfect setting for a romantic date. Apart from these, the foods are unique with an array of different foods including local and international dishes. The staff here is very caring and attentive to the visitor needs. So, it will absolutely go down as an extraordinary place to recall.

To conclude, there are lots of romantic restaurants in Greenville SC. You have to look around yourself while discovering the city. The above restaurants are the best, but this is not the end of the line. So, have a crack at them and find more restaurants worth mentioning!

Hanging Around in Night: Best Nightlife Places to Spend Quality Time

If you want to hang around in Greenville, you will have a wide range of entertainment options. Usually, the live theatre’s possess large amounts audiences of the city and the Main Street has no shortage of bars and a restaurant along with pubs offering continuous music. You would find so many unexpected things to do such as weekly trivia contests and satirical and parody shows of local news. In fact, a lot of neighborhoods beyond the downtown area have their own hangout elements for a funny night out in the city. So, let’s take a quick look at the best nightlife places to spend quality time

  1. Carolina Ale House


This is a two-storied sports bar, which has been serving up from 2011. The design of the bar includes a stadium-style retractable rooftop. It allows the supporters to have a natural air in a better weather. The girls and ladies will feel welcome, but this friendly bar is testosterone-heavy. The crowd here is diverse but generally professionals and students from Furman and Clemson.

  1. Blues Boulevard Jazz


The Blues Boulevard Jazz is a new addition to the Greenville nightlife scene. People have accepted it a with warm feeling. It remains a packed house, which proves that it is quite popular among the locals. It is a small yet a superior venue for jazz fans. But you will also find awesome acoustics, lovely atmosphere, calming lighting, and an incredible service. As a result, it is an awesome place to spend the nightlife with your loved ones. Additionally, it serves every kind of people from couples, women, and small groups along with singles. It has a seating capacity of for 50. Reservations will be vital when word gets around. Finally, the bands that perform are top-class and a big piano will add more flavors to your time as well. If you want an outdoor date, you can have one as well as it has outdoor facilities to wow its visitors.

  1. Main Street area

The downtown part in Greenville offers live music to the audiences. From April to May through November and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays, you will see people of all ages gather flock together in the Main Street to watch free concerts in different locations. These places include the Hyatt Regency and close to the Peace Center. In fact, there are paid concerts are held (at the new Peace Center amphitheater) as well. So, don’t miss the opportunity and bring an ID to buy beer and wine!

  1. Coffee Underground

This place is a special place for hangouts, especially in the night time. You can grab a sofa or table in the front area and watch people. You can opt for an intimate booth in the red room. In any case, you’ll settle in and have an extraordinary night. You will also observe that loads of local people visit Coffee Underground regularly. Keep in mind that the service will not be quick but its one hell of a place to spend your whole night because it will offer you the much needed private spaces.


  1. The Irish Pub

This bar is an Irish-owned pub and here the real deal is Irish touch. It’s a bit quirky place that has a dart board with a couple of TVs along with plenty of Irish whiskeys. But interestingly, this pub also has two full-size volleyball courts, a dance floor with deejay, a big bar, rare hot dog cookout, and occasional karaoke. All these elements make this place a must-go for hanging out in the night.

To finish off, I would say Greenville SC is more than these above places. There are lots of hidden gems that are capable of making your night a memorable one. So, don’t limit yourself and discover the city at will!

City Overview: Greenville South Carolina

The city of Greenville is the seat of Greenville County in upstate South Carolina, U.S. Knox White is the mayor of the city and he has served as the mayor since December 1995. The city has a population of 62,252 (according to 2014). It is the sixth-biggest district in the state. Additionally, it is the biggest city in the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is located around halfway between Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina along Interstate 85. The metropolitan area comprises Interstates 185 and 385.

Furthermore, Greenville has been featured in different national productions, for example, CNN Money. They ranked Greenville as one of the top 10 rapidly growing cities in the U.S. Apart from this recognition, the Bloomberg named Greenville as the third Strongest Job Market, 2010 while Forbes hailed Greenville the 13th Best City for Young Professionals. Plus, South Carolina has been ranked as one of the top 10 quickest developing states and economies by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Things to See in Greenville South Carolina

Greenville SC is all about outdoor activities and you will be amazed to see the things. You can start discovering different attractions such as Falls Park or Cleveland Park, the Swamp Rabbit Trail by walking on foot or with a rented bike. Keep 30 minutes for Caesar’s Head and Jones Gap where you can hike but it has its own mountain park right in town. Small baseball league and hockey are played in the downtown area, or you can look over awesome some historical museums along with carriage and trolley rides, even Shakespeare in the Park. The kids will love and be captivated by a rare scavenger hunt on Main Street

Where to Stay in Greenville South Carolina?

You would see the best hotels in Greenville in the downtown area, which is dynamic on its own terms. If you live in any of the downtown hotels, you can stroll to lots of restaurants. You will also have special nightlife and shopping alternatives. Also, a free trolley and parking structures are provided for the visitors. The airport terminal has other brand-name hotels which close to and BMW/Michelin/GEO. But, you will certainly require an auto as you will if you wish to pick a golf-friendly Embassy Suites on Verdae.

What to Eat in Greenville South Carolina?

You will observe that almost all the restaurants in the city are in downtown region like – Augusta Road (close to downtown), Woodruff Road (5 min from airplane terminal, 10-15 min from downtown), and Haywood Road (5-10 minutes from downtown or air terminal). So, it is the downtown area where you will get the best restaurants to eat in Greenville.

Places to Party in Greenville South Carolina

If you want to just party hard in Greenville, you will have lots alternatives like – regional bands, national touring shows, comedy, theater, etc. Throughout spring and fall, the city will offer you free open air shows and concerts in the downtown area. And there’s no better setting than the Peace Center amphitheater in a pleasant climate. You might want to be part of a baseball or hockey game, and then hit a downtown games bar. You would also find some late-night dance bars where you could just party for the entire night.

Where to Shop in Greenville South Carolina?

The buzzing Woodruff Road is considered to be the Mecca of Greenville. You will get to see the big stores. And in addition, you will also find shops like REI, Whole Foods, novel stores, and Trader Joe’s. Apart from these, the Haywood Road is home to a famous indoor shopping center with a few famous shopping chains. Besides, the Main Street and Augusta Road o provide more remarkable shops and simple in-and-out alternatives. Greenville has loads of suppliers, displays, bicycle shops, and food shops.

Best Things to Do in Greenville SC

Greenville South Carolina is the standout city among the 30 US cities that are named – Greenville. This city in upcountry will make you say – Yes! That’s Greenville.

It is one the quickest developing cities in the USA, Greenville, South Carolina. It has a thriving and revived downtown laden with restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and so forth. With its ideal blend of southern warmth, extraordinary climate, workmanship and a flourishing culinary scene, Greenville is just a delightful city. Here is a rundown of best Things to do in Greenville, South Carolina.

  • Go for bike riding: First of all, you should rent a bike; look into the downtown Greenville, and make a journey along Swamp Rabbit Trail. This is a previous railroad passageway that connections to the fresh town of Travelers Rest.


  • Eat plenty: In case, you appreciate finding different spots through their culinary offerings, paying a visit to “At the Chef’s Table” would be an immaculate approach to eating your way around town. Also, you should try to meet the chefs because you can test offerings from some of the best Greenville’s top restaurants.


  • Stay in the best hotel: The Hampton Inn and Suites Greenville is situated in the heart of downtown. It is located in an ideal area for strolling along the river or down Main Street for shopping and eating. Besides, it’s a new hotel and it has visitor rooms and suites with balconies that ignore the Reedy River and the Peace Center for the Performing Arts. It has also many amenities including hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a welcoming staff. So, the Hampton Inn and Suites Greenville is the best hotel in the town.


  • Be a shopaholic: The downtown area in Greenville SC has awesome retail stores, particularly for ladies. For example – the Traveling Chic Boutique has up-to-date yet moderately designed dresses along with neckbands, and bags. The jeans will fit perfectly as it comes in different sizes and shapes. Also, they are made with the Brazilian inspiration and style like – the Beija Flor jeans are sold in more than 400 stores in the U.S. But in Greenville, you will find only Beija Denim Salons. You can also drop into Cone & Colleman boutique to see a wide range of clothing and accessories curated by owners Janna and Jennifer.


  • Listen to music: While staying in the city, you can go to the Greenville Heritage Main Street Friday concert series as the bands will play blues, soul, jazz, oldies, etc. You can also head to Main Street and NOMA Square also.


  • Fine Dining: Enjoying a fine dinner would a high priority for many travelers. So, go to the High Cotton restaurant and dine with the city’s finest dishes. Not to mention that the dishes are prepared by the famous Chef Adrian Carpenter who combines local taste with a global touch.


  • Visit the art galleries: Visiting the Greenville County Museum of Art will allow you seeing the biggest open gathering of watercolors by artist Andrew Wyeth. The exhibition hall additionally has a noteworthy accumulation of American art collection (from a southern point of view) of the provincial period to the present.


  • Go outdoors: Going outdoors would be a fine option and for that, you should pay a visit to Paris Mountain State Park. There you can hike, swim, discover nature, and ride canoe. It is placed a couple of miles from downtown Greenville and the recreation center serves as a brilliant move away from city life and the southern warmth.


  • Stroll around the market: Strolling around the markets in Greenville’s main street would be a great thing to do. So, go out of your room on Saturday morning from 8:30 am and stroll until it is 12:30 pm. Besides, the farmer’s market sells freshly produce food, flowers, and art collections from local farmers and vendors. There is also live music performance and cooking contests as well. So, there are plenty of things to do here.

So, here are the best things to do in Greenville SC. I hope you have enjoyed reading and I am sure that you will love to do all the above things while staying in the city.

Top Attractions in Greenville SC

It is pretty tough to take a decision about how to spend your time to visit as well as to do necessary things in a city. Below is a discussion of some most appealing and reputed places among all the available attractions for making quick decision. These places will definitely amaze you.

  1. Peace Centre for the Performing Arts

This is the prime destination for theatre and art lovers in Greenville which hosts various important events like Broadway musicals, concerts, and plays. It is also home to the Greenville Symphony, SC Children’s Theatre, Greenville Chorale, International Ballet and Carolina Ballet Theater. The main concert hall has an accommodation capacity of 2100 guests and the Gunter Theatre can accommodate around 400. An outdoor amphitheater is used frequently for community events.

  1. Greenville Zoo

A baby giraffe born on Oct 2012! This facility in Greenville’s Cleveland Park is loved by all. There are hundreds of residents with attractive farm animals or wild animals. The kids can see how the animals live in a wild environment as the animals try to copy their natural environment. For dinosaur lovers, the reptile collection is perfect and Hoy the elephant is loved by all in the zoo.

  1. Liberty Bridge & Falls Park on the Reedy

The small Reedy River is loved by the Greenville residents especially after the renovation of the park around it. One can explore many things from Manicured plantings, open lawns, and stone pathways and terraces while the Liberty Bridge arcs over and around the falls is a great combination of beauty and engineering. The inviting park consists of the Reedy’s course and provides both pictorial and historical views of past stories. It is a great place for shopping, dining, and reading a book or enjoying a lunch on a sunny day.

  1. Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery

Having one of the best collections of religious art in the nation, this museum is located on the Bob Jones University campus, which displays Works by Rembrandt, Petri, Rubens, Alemanno and many others. The Bowen Collection of Antiquities which features Roman, Egyptian and Hebrew artifacts are also displayed there. NO cameras are allowed and a decent dress is required to enter there.

  1. Caesar’s Head State Park

The park is situated along the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains having beautiful facilities for hiking, biking and bird watching. A majestic waterfall named Raven Cliff Falls which is located two miles from the roadside is a favorite one. Pretty Place Chapel is a rural stone structure which is popular for weddings and vespers services also lies here providing a beautiful landscape view.

  1. Jones Gap State Park

Go to US 76 west from Cleveland and then turn right onto River Falls Road. Follow the road until you reach the Jones Gap Road. Once reached, you will enjoy extensive nature trails, the Middle Saluda River, campgrounds and natural views of the Environmental Education Center. There’s also access to the Foothills Hiking Trail for those who are interested.

  1. Fluor Field

If you want to spend a warm evening in downtown Greenville you should travel to the historic West End for ice-cold beer and baseball. After its completion in 2006 Fluor Field is the home of the minor league Greenville Drive which was built to resemble Boston’s beloved Fenway Park and has been a downtown gem. From blocks away the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd can be heard of which invites you to have a share of America’s favorite pastime.

Budget Friendly: Best Things to Do in Greenville SC

Greenville South Carolina is a great choice for people who are looking for free things to do. This city arranges free outdoor concerts and movies in America’s most award-winning parks for public entertainment. Greenville has numerous places where you can enjoy to your heart’s content without spending money.

Swamp Rabbit Trail


The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a funny way of exploring the flourishing communities of Travelers Rest and the City of Greenville. These towns are linked together to make the trail. Currently, the trail is over 13 miles long and is suitable for walkers, runners, and bikers. It includes rubber-padded path in some specific places. It is done to make the path suitable for low-impact running. The twisting through parks along the Reedy River and the downtown and the SRT highlights are mind blowing!

Liberty Bridge & Falls Park on the Reedy


The Reedy River is liked by a lot of Greenville residents. It is not a big river but the park around this river has been restructured. It has manicured plantings, open lawns, and stone pathways and terraces. They offer different things to explore and the library bridge lies around the feat of beauty and engineering. The inviting park in the Reedy’s course gives pictorial and historical lessons of the past heritage. You can even go there alone and relax quietly with a book in hand. You can also shop from nearby shops and can have your dining in the restaurants there.

Downtown Trolley

Roam around the downtown Greenville by hopping on the Downtown Trolley and it is totally free! There are two trolleys containing 33 passenger seats. They are owned by the Greenville Drive. Generally they stop at places flagged by patrons and let the passengers enjoy the scenic upstate city. Due to their open-air design they remain cool in the summer and passengers can also explore the North Main area to the Drive Stadium without spending even a penny.

Children’s Garden at Linky Stone Park

The Children’s Garden is a place of pure fun for the kids. It is situated at the Linky Stone Park where a big Winnie the Pooh welcomes its visitors to enter the garden. The garden is full of sculpted and painted storybook characters. Kids can also learn about plants and flowers rooted throughout the green space. You can touch, smell, feel, hear and taste things and learn them in the Five Senses Garden.

Downtown Alive

The Downtown Alive runs their entertainment programs at the beginning in the late March that lasts till early September. Free entertainments are supplied only on Thursday evening of every week. Their aim is to bring local artists and musicians into the Greenville scene. These shows are hosted by the Metropolitan Arts Council at the Hyatt Plaza. They have already brought two famous bands- Danger muffin and American Aquarium. Take folding chairs with you so that you can enjoy their shows comfortably.

Jones Gap State Park

Take US 76 west from Cleveland, turn right onto River Falls Road and follow it until it becomes Jones Gap Road. You will enjoy extensive nature trails, the Middle Saluda River, Camp Grounds and the natural views of the Environmental Education Center on around 3,346 acres. If you are interested enough, they will let you enter into the Foothills Hiking Trial.

Cleveland Park

Cleveland is one of the most diversified parks in Greenville. It has 126 acres of trails, playgrounds, tennis and volleyball courts and plenty of field space for pickup soccer and flag football. Make a workout routine by visiting the Ramona Graham Fitness Trail or let your pet enjoy time with other dogs at the Canine Corner. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Major Anderson Memorial are also two beautiful places.

Best Free Things to Do with Kids in Downtown Greenville South Carolina

Greenville is referred to as one of the best places for downtown experiences by some national publications. The most amazing thing is, you can have a great time with your kids within a limited budget. This city gives you the opportunity of having entertainment in a frugal manner. Below is the list of top ten FREE things that you should definitely try for your kids-

Go on a Picnic at the Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden offers things of natural curiosity, exploration and discovery that children will definitely enjoy. This garden is designed to entertain kids with everything they like. Just bring a picnic blanket and your favorite sandwiches, you are done! Having an experience of beautiful natural setting is really amazing for kids as well as for you. The garden includes whimsical sculptures, beautiful garden paths, and some wonderful play areas. It is a great place for a family hangout where you will know about nature and its diversities. If you want further information, visit the City of Greenville website.

Play around in the water jets at City Plaza

The water jets by the water wall at City Plaza is a great place to cool off in the summer days. Kids will definitely love that place! It is situated next to the Lazy Goat. The water wall is made of natural stone and it goes down from the top terrace to the main plaza. It includes a series of water jets and looks almost like a water world. There are public restrooms nearby and some small shops as well. So, you can take rest and buy things that your kid likes!

Visit the Greenville Main Library’s PAL Center

The PAL center is mainly designed for children under the age of 5. Kids can have a fun time with toys, puppets, dress-up clothes, board books and many more! Children like small kitchen area and big-sized building blocks a lot. Older kids can also enjoy exciting computer games outside the PAL Center. There they will find educational games and activities. The main library offers castles for kids (see the children’s librarian for the Royal Family figures that go with it), a magnetic column in the reading area for tiny tots and other exciting play areas to entertain them to the fullest. It is one of the popular places to go on the rainy days. The library also offers some wonderful programs for kids and teens. To know the dates and times, check your branch location.

Visit the Greenville County Museum of Art

Take your kid to the Greenville County Museum of Art to teach them of their own culture. They will also see the beautiful masterpieces from different corners of the world and it is totally free of cost! This is an awesome place for older kids to gather educational experiences. Visit to know the upcoming shows for your kid. Entrance to the Upcountry History Museum and the Children’s Museum costs money but they definitely worth a visit.

Go on a nature walk in Falls Park

The Falls Park is in the list of favorite places of most of the families. Kids spend a great time hunting a nature scavenger. After reaching the park, fix things that you would like to see (e.g. specific flowers, a brown leaf, butterflies, ducklings etc.). Warn your children not to pick flowers or foliage from the park because it is strictly prohibited.