Top Attractions in Greenville SC

It is pretty tough to take a decision about how to spend your time to visit as well as to do necessary things in a city. Below is a discussion of some most appealing and reputed places among all the available attractions for making quick decision. These places will definitely amaze you.

  1. Peace Centre for the Performing Arts

This is the prime destination for theatre and art lovers in Greenville which hosts various important events like Broadway musicals, concerts, and plays. It is also home to the Greenville Symphony, SC Children’s Theatre, Greenville Chorale, International Ballet and Carolina Ballet Theater. The main concert hall has an accommodation capacity of 2100 guests and the Gunter Theatre can accommodate around 400. An outdoor amphitheater is used frequently for community events.

  1. Greenville Zoo

A baby giraffe born on Oct 2012! This facility in Greenville’s Cleveland Park is loved by all. There are hundreds of residents with attractive farm animals or wild animals. The kids can see how the animals live in a wild environment as the animals try to copy their natural environment. For dinosaur lovers, the reptile collection is perfect and Hoy the elephant is loved by all in the zoo.

  1. Liberty Bridge & Falls Park on the Reedy

The small Reedy River is loved by the Greenville residents especially after the renovation of the park around it. One can explore many things from Manicured plantings, open lawns, and stone pathways and terraces while the Liberty Bridge arcs over and around the falls is a great combination of beauty and engineering. The inviting park consists of the Reedy’s course and provides both pictorial and historical views of past stories. It is a great place for shopping, dining, and reading a book or enjoying a lunch on a sunny day.

  1. Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery

Having one of the best collections of religious art in the nation, this museum is located on the Bob Jones University campus, which displays Works by Rembrandt, Petri, Rubens, Alemanno and many others. The Bowen Collection of Antiquities which features Roman, Egyptian and Hebrew artifacts are also displayed there. NO cameras are allowed and a decent dress is required to enter there.

  1. Caesar’s Head State Park

The park is situated along the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains having beautiful facilities for hiking, biking and bird watching. A majestic waterfall named Raven Cliff Falls which is located two miles from the roadside is a favorite one. Pretty Place Chapel is a rural stone structure which is popular for weddings and vespers services also lies here providing a beautiful landscape view.

  1. Jones Gap State Park

Go to US 76 west from Cleveland and then turn right onto River Falls Road. Follow the road until you reach the Jones Gap Road. Once reached, you will enjoy extensive nature trails, the Middle Saluda River, campgrounds and natural views of the Environmental Education Center. There’s also access to the Foothills Hiking Trail for those who are interested.

  1. Fluor Field

If you want to spend a warm evening in downtown Greenville you should travel to the historic West End for ice-cold beer and baseball. After its completion in 2006 Fluor Field is the home of the minor league Greenville Drive which was built to resemble Boston’s beloved Fenway Park and has been a downtown gem. From blocks away the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd can be heard of which invites you to have a share of America’s favorite pastime.