Hanging Around in Night: Best Nightlife Places to Spend Quality Time

If you want to hang around in Greenville, you will have a wide range of entertainment options. Usually, the live theatre’s possess large amounts audiences of the city and the Main Street has no shortage of bars and a restaurant along with pubs offering continuous music. You would find so many unexpected things to do such as weekly trivia contests and satirical and parody shows of local news. In fact, a lot of neighborhoods beyond the downtown area have their own hangout elements for a funny night out in the city. So, let’s take a quick look at the best nightlife places to spend quality time

  1. Carolina Ale House


This is a two-storied sports bar, which has been serving up from 2011. The design of the bar includes a stadium-style retractable rooftop. It allows the supporters to have a natural air in a better weather. The girls and ladies will feel welcome, but this friendly bar is testosterone-heavy. The crowd here is diverse but generally professionals and students from Furman and Clemson.

  1. Blues Boulevard Jazz


The Blues Boulevard Jazz is a new addition to the Greenville nightlife scene. People have accepted it a with warm feeling. It remains a packed house, which proves that it is quite popular among the locals. It is a small yet a superior venue for jazz fans. But you will also find awesome acoustics, lovely atmosphere, calming lighting, and an incredible service. As a result, it is an awesome place to spend the nightlife with your loved ones. Additionally, it serves every kind of people from couples, women, and small groups along with singles. It has a seating capacity of for 50. Reservations will be vital when word gets around. Finally, the bands that perform are top-class and a big piano will add more flavors to your time as well. If you want an outdoor date, you can have one as well as it has outdoor facilities to wow its visitors.

  1. Main Street area

The downtown part in Greenville offers live music to the audiences. From April to May through November and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays, you will see people of all ages gather flock together in the Main Street to watch free concerts in different locations. These places include the Hyatt Regency and close to the Peace Center. In fact, there are paid concerts are held (at the new Peace Center amphitheater) as well. So, don’t miss the opportunity and bring an ID to buy beer and wine!

  1. Coffee Underground

This place is a special place for hangouts, especially in the night time. You can grab a sofa or table in the front area and watch people. You can opt for an intimate booth in the red room. In any case, you’ll settle in and have an extraordinary night. You will also observe that loads of local people visit Coffee Underground regularly. Keep in mind that the service will not be quick but its one hell of a place to spend your whole night because it will offer you the much needed private spaces.


  1. The Irish Pub

This bar is an Irish-owned pub and here the real deal is Irish touch. It’s a bit quirky place that has a dart board with a couple of TVs along with plenty of Irish whiskeys. But interestingly, this pub also has two full-size volleyball courts, a dance floor with deejay, a big bar, rare hot dog cookout, and occasional karaoke. All these elements make this place a must-go for hanging out in the night.

To finish off, I would say Greenville SC is more than these above places. There are lots of hidden gems that are capable of making your night a memorable one. So, don’t limit yourself and discover the city at will!

Best Free Things to Do with Kids in Downtown Greenville South Carolina

Greenville is referred to as one of the best places for downtown experiences by some national publications. The most amazing thing is, you can have a great time with your kids within a limited budget. This city gives you the opportunity of having entertainment in a frugal manner. Below is the list of top ten FREE things that you should definitely try for your kids-

Go on a Picnic at the Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden offers things of natural curiosity, exploration and discovery that children will definitely enjoy. This garden is designed to entertain kids with everything they like. Just bring a picnic blanket and your favorite sandwiches, you are done! Having an experience of beautiful natural setting is really amazing for kids as well as for you. The garden includes whimsical sculptures, beautiful garden paths, and some wonderful play areas. It is a great place for a family hangout where you will know about nature and its diversities. If you want further information, visit the City of Greenville website.

Play around in the water jets at City Plaza

The water jets by the water wall at City Plaza is a great place to cool off in the summer days. Kids will definitely love that place! It is situated next to the Lazy Goat. The water wall is made of natural stone and it goes down from the top terrace to the main plaza. It includes a series of water jets and looks almost like a water world. There are public restrooms nearby and some small shops as well. So, you can take rest and buy things that your kid likes!

Visit the Greenville Main Library’s PAL Center

The PAL center is mainly designed for children under the age of 5. Kids can have a fun time with toys, puppets, dress-up clothes, board books and many more! Children like small kitchen area and big-sized building blocks a lot. Older kids can also enjoy exciting computer games outside the PAL Center. There they will find educational games and activities. The main library offers castles for kids (see the children’s librarian for the Royal Family figures that go with it), a magnetic column in the reading area for tiny tots and other exciting play areas to entertain them to the fullest. It is one of the popular places to go on the rainy days. The library also offers some wonderful programs for kids and teens. To know the dates and times, check your branch location.

Visit the Greenville County Museum of Art

Take your kid to the Greenville County Museum of Art to teach them of their own culture. They will also see the beautiful masterpieces from different corners of the world and it is totally free of cost! This is an awesome place for older kids to gather educational experiences. Visit gcma.org/events to know the upcoming shows for your kid. Entrance to the Upcountry History Museum and the Children’s Museum costs money but they definitely worth a visit.

Go on a nature walk in Falls Park

The Falls Park is in the list of favorite places of most of the families. Kids spend a great time hunting a nature scavenger. After reaching the park, fix things that you would like to see (e.g. specific flowers, a brown leaf, butterflies, ducklings etc.). Warn your children not to pick flowers or foliage from the park because it is strictly prohibited.