For Couples Only: Best Romantic Restaurants in Greenville SC

The city of Greenville SC is a charming city with beautiful streets. These streets will lead you to several restaurants, which vary in types. Now, if you want to date with your significant other or just looking for a romantic dining, you will surely find the best ones. The reason is that people think that Greenville is one of the best cities for food in the south. Also, the city features different romantic restaurants with sumptuous food and soft as well as ambient music. So, let’s read more about the best romantic restaurants in Greenville SC

  • Trattoria Giorgio: If you ever walk along the main street in the city, you will have noticed that just across the way from the Westin Poinsett, there is an enchanting gate. This gate has a charming leafy patio and sign of ‘G’ on the gate. This simply pays tribute to Greenville. However, it actually indicates the owner Trattoria Giorgio. This restaurant usually specializes in pastas with authentic Italian cuisine. The chefs here are Italians and they make pastas on-site. As a whole, it is really a great romantic restaurant in the city.


  • Blues Boulevard Jazz: The name of this restaurant is similar to Blues Boulevard. It’s a cool and live music venue, where local acts a few evenings for each week, playing jazz and blues prominently. Nonetheless, the real space is overwhelmingly blue and you can find a comfortable place to sit at the sparkly dim blue bar before the show to enjoy the foods and drinks. Here, the music starts around 8 p.m. with a $5 cover. Also, you will not find a bad seat at this cozy music venue.


  • Stella’s Southern Bistro: This restaurant is located off the Main Street grid in the adjacent Simpsonville. It is an affordable restaurant with every kind of amenities of a great romantic restaurant. Usually, the lunch and supper choices include ribeye pork and hanger steak to shrimp and grits and Carolina flounder. The foods here are a blend of land and sea options. You will get to observe that the menus are changing more often, but the atmosphere of the place is an easygoing one. Also, the dishes are made with local ingredients. So, everyone should visit Stella’s Southern Bistro to pass an awesome night!


  • Restaurant 17: This romantic restaurant is situated in the northern region of Greenville in the suburb of Travelers Rest. It offers incomparable views of the dazzling Blue Ridge Mountains. Here is soft and mellow music is played in and the changing light of a hand-blown glass chandelier piece displays a perfect setting for a romantic date. Apart from these, the foods are unique with an array of different foods including local and international dishes. The staff here is very caring and attentive to the visitor needs. So, it will absolutely go down as an extraordinary place to recall.

To conclude, there are lots of romantic restaurants in Greenville SC. You have to look around yourself while discovering the city. The above restaurants are the best, but this is not the end of the line. So, have a crack at them and find more restaurants worth mentioning!

Hanging Around in Night: Best Nightlife Places to Spend Quality Time

If you want to hang around in Greenville, you will have a wide range of entertainment options. Usually, the live theatre’s possess large amounts audiences of the city and the Main Street has no shortage of bars and a restaurant along with pubs offering continuous music. You would find so many unexpected things to do such as weekly trivia contests and satirical and parody shows of local news. In fact, a lot of neighborhoods beyond the downtown area have their own hangout elements for a funny night out in the city. So, let’s take a quick look at the best nightlife places to spend quality time

  1. Carolina Ale House


This is a two-storied sports bar, which has been serving up from 2011. The design of the bar includes a stadium-style retractable rooftop. It allows the supporters to have a natural air in a better weather. The girls and ladies will feel welcome, but this friendly bar is testosterone-heavy. The crowd here is diverse but generally professionals and students from Furman and Clemson.

  1. Blues Boulevard Jazz


The Blues Boulevard Jazz is a new addition to the Greenville nightlife scene. People have accepted it a with warm feeling. It remains a packed house, which proves that it is quite popular among the locals. It is a small yet a superior venue for jazz fans. But you will also find awesome acoustics, lovely atmosphere, calming lighting, and an incredible service. As a result, it is an awesome place to spend the nightlife with your loved ones. Additionally, it serves every kind of people from couples, women, and small groups along with singles. It has a seating capacity of for 50. Reservations will be vital when word gets around. Finally, the bands that perform are top-class and a big piano will add more flavors to your time as well. If you want an outdoor date, you can have one as well as it has outdoor facilities to wow its visitors.

  1. Main Street area

The downtown part in Greenville offers live music to the audiences. From April to May through November and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays, you will see people of all ages gather flock together in the Main Street to watch free concerts in different locations. These places include the Hyatt Regency and close to the Peace Center. In fact, there are paid concerts are held (at the new Peace Center amphitheater) as well. So, don’t miss the opportunity and bring an ID to buy beer and wine!

  1. Coffee Underground

This place is a special place for hangouts, especially in the night time. You can grab a sofa or table in the front area and watch people. You can opt for an intimate booth in the red room. In any case, you’ll settle in and have an extraordinary night. You will also observe that loads of local people visit Coffee Underground regularly. Keep in mind that the service will not be quick but its one hell of a place to spend your whole night because it will offer you the much needed private spaces.


  1. The Irish Pub

This bar is an Irish-owned pub and here the real deal is Irish touch. It’s a bit quirky place that has a dart board with a couple of TVs along with plenty of Irish whiskeys. But interestingly, this pub also has two full-size volleyball courts, a dance floor with deejay, a big bar, rare hot dog cookout, and occasional karaoke. All these elements make this place a must-go for hanging out in the night.

To finish off, I would say Greenville SC is more than these above places. There are lots of hidden gems that are capable of making your night a memorable one. So, don’t limit yourself and discover the city at will!